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Crystal Healing Bag - Multiple Categories

Get a bag for yourself and a friend. You can take this journey together.

Creativity: What is your idea of creativity? Painting? Gardening? Cooking? Invention? Sometimes we can have that creative block that stops us from attaining the things we desire. We create every day, but sometimes it just seems like the same old thing, in a rut so to speak. You can escape the doldrums with your inspiration and imagination. Find that by starting meditation with this creativity crystal bag.

Courage: Just like the cowardly lion n the wizard of oz, we often feel like we don't have the courage to move forward in our lives. If you can't get to the wizard, our courage bag is just what you need to summon the courage within yourself. The four stones are in a reusable organza bag and come with an information card to assist you in finding the strength and courage to overcome whatever may come your way.

Happiness: you may ask yourself what is happiness. The short version means an enjoyable or satisfied state of being. If this is something you are searching for, your first step could be our happiness crystal bag. You deserve to be happy with a life full of joy and inner satisfaction. Don't let another day go by. Find that happy place. Begin with this awesome bag of stones. You will receive this item with four stones, a reusable organza bag, and an information card to get you started.

Peace: Peace crystal healing bags - rose quartz, sodalite, Botswana agate, blue agate. Some stones listed on the information card are unavailable at this time. We have selected equal alternative stones that have the same metaphysical properties. These are natural gemstones from the earth. Color and size as well as availability may change without notification.

Determination: Sometimes our ideas seem unattainable, too far out of reach. Or we just feel as though we are not enough to accomplish a goal. The four stones in the determination bag can assist you in regaining your ambition. When you take the time to meditate with these crystals, "see" yourself becoming determined to complete a task. Start small, don't overwhelm yourself. As you find yourself completing small things your little ideas will turn into medium, large, and amazing!

Faith: The saying "I'll believe it when I see it" is not a statement of faith! Faith is the belief in things unseen. So the saying should be "I'll see it when I believe it"! You see things in your mind's eye before they actually happen! That is the truth of faith! If this is new to you, try it! You can manifest the things you envision. Test the energies of faith! The faith crystal bag will assist you in this leap of faith. 

Healing: Each one of us has wounds. Some are visible, many times they are well hidden. Whether it is physical or emotional it will have its way with you until it is healed. You can begin this healing process with our healing crystal bag. The stones in this bag are selected to assist you in starting your journey to becoming a healthy healed person. That can be a way for you to share your healing with others. 

Dreams: We all have dreams, goals, and aspirations. Things we want, places we'd like to go, people, we'd like to see. You are the one who can manifest these things. The dream crystal bag can assist you in reaching those goals. Each reusable organza bag holds four polished stones and an information card that will start you on the path to your dreams. All dreams are attainable. Get started on your dreams today. Don't forget your friends and family have dreams too!

Prosperity: What does prosperity mean to you? Money, health, good friends? Whatever it means in your world you can have it. Let our prosperity crystal bag lend you a hand in manifesting prosperity in your world. The more prosperous you are the more you can share that with others.

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