Blue Fly Orbs

As seen on the viral TikTok trend, you are officially looking at 2023's HOTTEST GIFT!
The Fly Orb is set to be the must-have gadget toy for 2023. Fun for the whole family! Your search for the coolest gadget & most talked about toy of the year ends here.
Bright LED color changing lights ensure that you will have hours of fun - toss it around with friends, use boomerang mode to throw it to yourself, or pretend you have the force and activate hover mode!
The Fly Orb Hover Ball is an incredibly unique toy, and has gone viral on all platforms because of how much bang for your buck you get!
Multiple smart modes where you can spend hours learning how to master to impress from boomerang, toss mode, hover mode and more!
Simple shake awake technology so you can play right out of the gate!
Fast charging means you can play faster and longer! A quick 15 minute charge gives you up to half an hour of fun!
Durable and aerodynamic design means the possibilities are endless and it is safe and protected enough for the whole family.
Your package includes instruction manual, charging cable, and of course the highest quality flying orb hover ball on the market! Meet our brand new Gyro ball hours of unlimited fun with friends or all alone.
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