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Among Us 3 Piece Backpack/Shoulder bag/Pencil Bag

Go back to school with Among Us style!    This 3-piece set includes a matching Backpack, a lunch-box, and a pencil-case.

Also perfect for gifts, Easter-baskets, birthdays, Among Us parties, or random surprises!

Product Info:


Size: 15.75" x 11.81" x 5.91"

Weight: 13.4 oz

Info: Two Main Pockets, Two Side Pockets, Inside Laptop Pocket/Divider

Lunch SoftPack:

Size: 10.24" x 7.09" x 2.36"

Weight: 5.29 oz

Info: One Main Pocket, One Side Pocket, One Back Pocket

Pencil SoftCase:

Size: 4.33" x 8.66" x 1.77"

Weight: 2.88 oz

Info: One Main Pocket

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